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Hi, quick intro and mainly info :P

2009-01-16 09:30:56 by millsa

Thought it was about time I left something here, quick intro and some info about what I do :)

- Intro -
So, hi, im Xmillsa, I dont create any music or flashes, I just browse.
Im male, age 19 and my names Andy... thats about it... ^^

The main thing I do is on youtube, and thats uploading amazing free music, like the music from this site plus a few others, to youtube to spread it around and to let it reach out to a much larger audience, plus of course its extra advertising for the artists ;)
I believe free music can and already is better than a large portion of commercial music, which is why I want to share this music out to show people that commercial music isnt the only good music out there.

Of course all the music on my youtube channel is free, or at least I hope it is, had some problems before with copyright for a remix to a commercial song, so I tend to stay away from them now but do occasionaly upload the odd remix now and again.
Full credit is given to each and every artist plus with a link to the actual song, just a reminder, any song under the CC license does need credit where due, im sure most already know that but a lot of people dont so its just a reminder :)

If you ever plan to change the license in which one of your songs is held under, specifically if you change it to a "copyright" license, or a license which restricts others from using or distributing your songs, please let me know as I will then need to remove the song from youtube :P

If you say in the song info box that you do not wish for this song to be uploaded or distributed then I will not upload that song.
If you ever sell music and it has not been released on newgrounds, or you have a newgrounds version of a song and a non newgrounds version somewhere else, I will only ever upload the ones available on newgrounds, or of course another site which supports free music but only if uploaded by yourself/artist, if uploaded by someone else, or I am not sure who uploaded it I will try to contact you about it.

If you would like to see what I do please click here: My Youtube Channel

If you are an artist to a song that ive uploaded on youtube and you do not wish it to be there then please send me a message, on newgrounds (just to verify you are the artist), saying you would like so-and-so to be removed and it shall be removed without question as I do respect your wishes since it is your music after all :P
If you message me on youtube I will still need you to send me a message on newgrounds, its just I need to confirm you are the artist of a song before I remove any song in question, I don't want people asking me to remove songs when they aren't the artist. :P



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2009-02-28 15:52:40

Oh I had no idea you had a NG account. Nice to see that.

also like to thank you for the youtube up loads :)

millsa responds:

No problem :)
Ye its a small account with nothing on it, im surprised you found it :P


2009-03-15 18:54:23

Found You :D

Thanks For Uploading EoY.


millsa responds:

Your welcome :)


2009-03-30 22:48:20

I love you.

millsa responds:



2009-04-03 20:47:21


millsa responds:

. :P


2009-07-29 17:33:24

I see you are a fan of volumetric lighting :D

millsa responds:

Its the best! :D


2009-08-30 19:58:37

Hey i found u! I always check out ur YouTube stuff to see what i missed here on NG. Thanks alot!
Oh and Please Check out my music and maybe upload it, I really need the publicity.
Some of my best songs are: n/266166 n/253943 n/255356

You don't have to put them on youtube but it would be great if u did.


2009-10-27 16:12:27

I really love your youtube channel, in fact I found your newgrounds by your youtube channel. You always have these nice backgrounds to go with the tracks. Keep it up ;).

millsa responds:

Thanks :)


2010-04-08 15:14:58

omg your youtube account is suspended? noooo please do something :((((

millsa responds:

Already did do something.
XmillsaZ is my new account name.