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Entry #3

Almost back to normal!

2010-06-06 18:42:09 by millsa

So my youtube account is almost back its former "glory".

Firstly I must note, audio posted on newgrounds is under a Creative Commons License, please make sure you are aware of this before trying to flame me, insult me or threaten me.
It's all happened before.


To All Artists!

If you're an artist of a song that I've uploaded to youtube, please contact me here to get your song(s) removed. Don't worry, there are no forms to fill out or long complex processes involved, just 1 simple message will do :P
For the fastest results contact me on youtube as well as here.
Contacting me on youtube will get you the fastest response from me, however I do need confirmation you are the artist.
Contacting me on newgrounds(using the account the music is linked too) confirms you are the artist, I am not always logged in on newgrounds, so responses can be slow.

Thanks for your time, thanks for all the great music and I hope all artists out there do well!


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2010-09-05 17:58:57

Lol, i'm still hanging round your old account. But i'm quite glad the "Real" account is back. I'll probably check it out....eventually XD