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Aqua Zone Aqua Zone

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Truely Amazing!

I think ToxicTom was reviewing this based on that he thought cornandbeans hated this song so thought he needed to remix it into a "better song".
That couldnt be further from the truth.
CnB loves this song so he had to make a remix, not to make the song better but to make the song live on longer, to show his respect for this song and to allow more people to appreciate the work of the original but in a different style.

Personally I love this song, its so relaxing and while the beat may be repetitive it never seems to get boring, I must be on my 8th loop by now.
I may be a bit late in finding this song but im glad I did, and yes found it through CnBs remix but it was definetly worth it.
I can see why CnB loved it so much, creative, original, calming and breath taking all perfectly blended into one.

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Nghh - Fight For Ng - [KOA] Nghh - Fight For Ng - [KOA]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ah the evil song that ruined it all! >:D

Awesome song, love it!
Love it so much I uploaded it to youtube and then got banned for it xD
It was worth it though!

Dont be feeling sorry for me though, its a new start for me, a long awaited fresh start.
Not your fault I uploaded the song :P

If I could id re-upload this song, just wish Nox would be a bit more supportive of the non commercial side of music.

Keep making these songs, your definitely doing something right!
Plus im sure you wanted another 10 :)

DJ-Delinquent responds:

Nox Arcana can [Kiss Our Asses]

CKC - My Anthem CKC - My Anthem

Rated 4 / 5 stars

An all round good song!

First off, I enjoyed it!
Its quite a nice song, I like the quote you added to it, matches the rest of the song well, although, at the end, the quote ends too sudden, doesnt feel likes it merged well into the song like the one at the start is with the crowd like effect behind it.
The mood of the song was also nice at the start, calming, although after the start when the main beat comes in at 1:05 it felt a little out of place at first, the transaction felt a little too sudden as there was no big build up for it.

It does get a bit boring over time, while the general theme/mood and pace of the song change over time, the instruments don't seem to be, they seem over used which gives it a very repetitive and flat feeling to it.

Its a bit generic, it doesn't seem very original or new, while its a good song and I cant find anything bad with it, its not a song I would want to listen to over and over again and never get bored of it.

The ending! There wasn't one!
It just seemed to cut of all of a sudden and that to me makes it feel rushed.

Keep it up, I can see you getting some really good trance songs out in the future!

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CKC2009 responds:

thanks for the detailed review

When she smiled When she smiled

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, but not great.

Its a nice piece, the only problem I have with it is that its too loud and sharp for the kind of song its meant to be, calm and peaceful.
Its only those louder, higher pitched instruments(high hats?, I dont know I dont make music ^^) that seem to pull the song down, starting at 0:55 and mainly after 1:22.
Also at 1:40 theres a distortion in the left channel. :P
Apart from that its a very nice piece, keep it up!

X.-Walking On The Moon-.{PREV} X.-Walking On The Moon-.{PREV}

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Well... this is pretty damn good!
I cant wait to hear the finished product.

I love the spacey feel to it in the first 12 seconds and around 24 seconds, although I think it gets drowned out too much after 12 seconds, but that might just be me :P

Anyway keep it up, if you can make it sound this good for the whole song I can see this in the top 30! :P

A Fantasy of Her A Fantasy of Her

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ermm, well...

Its good but I just hear a load of presets from dance ejay 2. :/
I used to use the program myself a lot, so I remember it well.
Especially around 0.43, 1.13, 1.46... ect... :P

You should try to make your own sets more, rather than the ones built into DJ, I do think I hear some custom ones of your own though, not sure though, its hard to tell, lot of presets in that program.

Its good but like I said, could do with it being custom work rather than the work of someone else.
If it doesnt sound like it came straight from DJ then you know youve done well :P

Ric-Olzow responds:

Good advice

My vision My vision

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its a happy jumpy song!

What envy said is true, the first 8-9 seconds and about it being a bit thin.

This is an amazing piece of work and I cant put anything lower than a 9 but I do think you can improve on this quite a bit, (youve clearly got the talent).

I love how the song picks up after those first 9 seconds, nothing wrong with it at all!
Its those first 9 seconds that, I think, ruin it for the rest of the song, it doesnt match as well as it could and as you had said in a reply to Telliath you "where" making a rap song but it clearly isn't any more and the change has affected the overall quality of this great song.

More... Oooomph is needed! O.o
Im not saying fill it with bass and whatever else you use to give it a literally oomph feel xD
I would like to see something else in there, something that fits but isnt over powering, but then not too much in the background, it just seems to me like its missing something, hard to explain, but it feels like it needs that something to give it a bit more variety and to fill this gap that seems to hover between the main melody and the background. (dont know technical words)

Love what you did at 1:12, that quietness and soft feel it had was just a perfect combination to the song, its powerful yet has a soft core ;)

At 2:00 it changes to empty out to finish the song, I liked it but also didnt, similar to the bit at 1:04-1:11... to me it didnt completely fit with the rest of the song, I thought it was more of a standard finish that is found in a lot of songs, while the rest of the song seemed new and different.

I cant really say much more than that, overall this is one amazing song!
I cant give any more feedback even if I tried!
Keep up the great work and youll soon be in the number 1 top spot ;)
As ive said before you do have the talent, youve proved it here and on other songs, so just keep at it!

Hope it doesnt seem too critical, its meant to be helpful :)


Darkerfire responds:

Mid range.. Just noticed how much I cut it through mastering, omg
thanks alot for the review Xmillsa!

~EnV~Imagination(NG) ~EnV~Imagination(NG)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I have to say I thought you couldn't get any better than the preview and you might lose some of the quality, but clearly I was completely wrong.
Well done, I cant wait for more ;)
5/5 10/10

Envy responds:

I was concerned about that too! I was so concerned about just having it be uber repetitive ^.^

I'm taking a little ol' break for a little while so you'll be waiting for a bit!

Thanks for the review!